The research study has begun

We are glad to inform you that all the project partners began the study and research phase for the realization of the project Intellectual Output 1: Research study – the political dimension of adult educators work in Cyprus, Belgium, Hungary and Italy.

The general objectives, guiding all project partners throughout their research activities, are the following:

  • Gathering relevant information to use for the customisation of the other three intellectual outputs of the project.
  • Contributing to quality development of adult education and the professional development of adult educators;
  • Testing the feasibility of the European Training Strategy Competence Model in adult education;
  • Supporting our organisations and organisation in our networks in working with educators on competence development of adult and senior learners;

More specifically the research aims to gain a deeper understanding of the extent the political dimension is integrated in the work of adult educators, looking at both contextual and individual factors, at the level of national policies as well as educators’ competences. The research will serve as a baseline for further project activities – for the development of relevant educational material for adult educators in particular.

Moreover, a survey has been submitted to many stakeholders working in adult education contexts, in order to collect information on the level of civic engagement competences of the target group in all project partner countries.

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