What is the political dimension of adult educators work?

The IO1- ADULATION Research study concerns the political dimension of adult educators work in Cyprus, Belgium, Hungary and Italy. The topics analyzed by each partner were mainly four:

1.Linking policies and educational programmes;

2. Integrating political values and beliefs in the context of the adult and community educators’ work;

3. Supporting learners in developing political thinking;

4. Applying democracy and human rights principles.

In this research, the notions of citizenship and citizenship education will be explored first. Then, you will find an analysis of the EU context for citizenship education and adult learning, the description of the adult education contexts of each partner together with their political dimensions and the citizenship competences of adult educators. Moreover, the results of the survey about the competences of adult educators for the political dimensions are presented, ready to give the basis for the next step: the development of the ADULATION training material.

Finally, the annex at the end of this research lists the good practices collected by each partner as relevant examples of integration of the political dimensions and innovative methods in adult education.

Here you can read the full ADULATION Research study.

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